Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH
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Building Horizont 2
Am Wallgraben 125
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Studies- how theoretical knowledge becomes practical

At Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH you have the opportunity to gain practical experience already in your theoretical training. In addition to supporting our employees and working with our strategic partners, you can also take on your own projects, demonstrate your knowledge and drive your topics forward. 

To cope with this task, you will receive versatile support: From your first day, we will provide you with a supervisor in your team who is available for your questions and concerns. In addition, you have the opportunity to cross-link yourself outside your team, not just with the other students.

Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH offers you these options for your practical experience:

  • Internship
  • Working student
  • Final thesis

Prerequisites for an internship

  • You have six months time
  • You have a valid study certificate (for an internship during your studies) or
  • You study within the standard study period plus a maximum of 3 semesters (for a voluntary internship, which is not mandatory due to the study regulations) or
  • You are currently in Gap Year between Bachelor & Master's studies

Prerequisites for a job as a working student:

  • You have a valid study certificate
  • You have timew up to 20h/week

Prerequisites for a thesis

  • You have a valid study certificate
  • You have already completed professional internships, ideally already in Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH

What else you need to know

  • Usually the job vacancies are advertised in our job search two to six months before the start of the internship.  
  • Our working time is 40h/week, during thesis at 30h/week